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An Italian article writes, “During Taipei IN Style..., we met, the volcanic designer Alexander King Chen. Why volcanic? Well, because he embodies the energy that a certain slice of China is transmitting: want to do and the ability to understand the flow of global culture, but especially not one complaint… Alexander King Chen..., has a totally different approach to the profession; the myth of the couturier did not even touch his head… His approach is direct and precise; he knows the entire supply chain and the international market because he has worked, from retail to product design, have dreams and goals clearly defined. He grew up in Los Angeles, studied at St. Martins, worked in Paris, worked with Versace, Proenza Schouler, Estee Lauder and many others. He loves his job, now has a brand that bears his name and the Chinese stars worship him, but it has not gone to his head, instill says that fashion is a business like any other, everything makes sense only if you learn...” Intervista di Fulvio Ravagnani

I started my label in NYC while simultaneously interning at Proenza Schouler, then soon hired to work alongside for their market season. My style is modern yet cultural, simple yet theatrical. I always look into the past and the future to create symbiotic relations for my collections. It’s definitely this rare blend of dramatic flair and to-the-point functionality that fuels my passion for design. Needless to say, my life is studded with different cultures and influences. While living in London I learned to be creative, in New York I understood how to be commercial, in Paris I acquired the dramatic flair, and in Taipei I learned how to satisfy the market.  At the end, my collections carry out a non-conforming attitude making Alexander King Chen a staple to the stars and the red carpets the world over.

While simultaneously building my brand, I’ve commandeered two seasons of my own Reality Show [Rich and Famous], voted as #1 most eligible bachelor, voted as best dressed by Tatler and West East People and collaborated on countless projects (including films)... Being in this industry is my love, it is my life. It is a relationship like none other.  My life is synonymous with glamour and glitz, so have fun with Alexander King Chen!!!





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